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PV Storm Booster Club!

The Ponte Vedra Soccer Club is always looking for ways to balance the safety of our players, providing a premium playing environment while keeping registration costs as low as possible. The PV Storm Booster Club serves as an essential means to that goal. Together with our Sponsors, the PV Storm Boosters provide a significant portion of the necessary financial support to provide the best player experience possible. 


The PV Storm Booster Club is comprised of a network of dedicated Parents and Volunteers who are committed to making the The Ponte Vedra Soccer Club the best program it can be.

We strive for 100% member participation. Member involvement is a key component when it comes to the continuation, growth, and success of our programs. We encourage all of our parents to join and help the Ponte Vedra Soccer Club continue to provide sports to the youth of our community.

We have made joining the PV Storm Booster Club easy by providing the option of making a one time donation or spreading your gift out monthly. Boosters who choose to donate at least $150 one-time or $15 monthly will be acknowledged on our website and receive an exclusive PV Storm Booster Polo Shirt!

PVSC is a 501c3 organization so your gift may be tax deductible!

One-Time Donation

Monthly Gift

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