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PVSC Player Development Academy

exclusively for U9 thru U12 players

The PVSC PLAYER DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY is a great fit for young players and their families who are showing a greater interest in a structured training atmosphere with the goal to prepare for advanced competitive soccer.

PVSC Player Development Academy teams are designed to bridge the gap between our competitive and recreational programs.  League play will be in and around North Florida, so additional travel will be limited to tournaments.  Coaches are volunteers hand-selected by the PVSC coaching/training staff and have advanced coaching training and skills. We use volunteer coaches so we can keep the cost of this program lower. PVSC staff and trainers will assist with the teams and offer advanced training for the coaches throughout the season.


PVSC Player Development Academy features a set schedule throughout the season. Player Development Academy players will have two training sessions a week and 10 games per season (plus tournaments). These games can be played on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Teams will be formed with the help of our professional staff and coaches. In addition to the regular season, teams will get the chance to participate in local competitive tournaments (at an additional fee).


Because PVSC is very careful in selecting our volunteer coaches, we will have limited space for the Player Development Academy. Some players will be identified by our coaching and training staff and invited to move up to this program. However, we want to encourage any parents who have players with an interest in taking their game to the next level to reach out to us to learn how to register. 





Once a player is interested in playing on the PVSC Player Development Academy, a link for registration will be sent to the parent to register. If you have already registered for the PVSC Recreational Program, that registration fee will be refunded once your PVSC Player Development Academy registration has been completed.


There is an added cost associated with joining the PVSC Player Development Academy. The added costs will cover additional field usage, referee fees, league cost, etc.  As a non-profit organization, PVSC does its best to keep our fees as low as possible and is pleased to keep the cost of this program at a fraction of the cost of a traditional competitive program.


PVSC Player Development Academy U9-U10 Teams

Cost - $349 per player per season (There are two seasons, Fall and Spring)

League Play - In-house league play (with FESA).  

Coaching - Volunteer (coaches have to be approved by PVSC)

Tournaments - Selected by coaches' teams.  Additional cost to be split between players.

Practice - 2x weekly schedule by coaches


PVSC Player Development Academy U11-U12 Teams

Cost - $389 per player per season (There are two seasons, Fall and Spring)

League Play - In-house league play (with FESA).

Coaching - Volunteer (coaches have to be approved by PVSC)

Tournaments - Selected by coaches' teams.  Additional cost to be split between players.

Practice - 2x weekly schedule by coaches

Player Development Academy FAQs

What is the Player Development Academy?

The Player Development Academy (PDA) is a new program initiated by PVSC with the aim of bridging the gap between recreational soccer and competitive soccer. PDA teams will be led by coaches who hold at least a grassroots coaching license. PVSC is willing to assist coaches in obtaining the necessary licensing if they express interest. These coaches will receive specialized training tailored to their respective age groups and adhere to the "play, practice, play" guidelines provided by US Soccer.

What is the purpose?

The primary goal of this program is to enhance players' skills, serving as a stepping stone for those seeking to transition to competitive soccer or for players desiring more challenge than recreational soccer offers, without committing to extensive travel or financial commitments.


Who can join?

Any player demonstrating the skills or determination to compete at a higher level within the age groups of U9-U12 is welcome to join.


What is expected?

Participation in PDA involves a greater commitment to your soccer team. This means parents should make every effort to attend as many games and practices as possible, scheduling other activities around the team's schedule. Players and parents are expected to be open to learning, and respectful towards coaches, staff, referees, and their peers.

We limit the number of players for each team to maximize touches and player confidence on the ball.

Consistently not showing up for practices and games may result in not being able to play PDA the next season.

What is the time commitment?

There will be two practices and one game each week. Your team will also play in a few local tournaments each year.

When does it start?

The program will commence in February and run through May.

What is the cost?

The cost is $349 per season for U9/U10 and $399 per season for U11/U12. This fee covers all referee expenses, player registration costs, and insurance with FYSA or US Club. However, uniforms are not included but uniforms from Fall 2023 may be able to be used if the whole team has the same uniform.

Does this league require travel?

The league will involve local travel in St.John's and Duval County.


How do I register?

Look out for an email from PVSC containing a registration link. Follow the

instructions provided in the email, or click on the link above when it opens.


Is there a Refund Policy?

Detailed refund policies will be available upon registration, outlining specific

refund dates and procedures.


Can I be on the same team as my friend?

If you are in the same age group, there is a strong possibility of being on the same team. However, team composition will depend on the number of registrations in your age group.


How many teams will there be?

The number of teams for the league and in each age group will depend on the number of players that register.


Will age groups be combined?

Yes U9/U10 and U11/U12 are the combined groups.


Can I or my spouse be the coach?

Yes, PVSC is always on the lookout for coaches. Coaching roles require meeting specific coaching requirements and completing necessary training.


Are there tryouts?

No, there are no tryouts. Players should demonstrate a higher level of skill or have the desire and drive to develop those skills. This program requires a strict player and parent commitment to the team for all games and 2 local tournaments.

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