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Ponte Vedra Storm Soccer Club (PVSC) is a fun and enjoyable soccer program for boys and girls. The Recreational Program is a step above most rec programs designed for players ages 4 to 18 looking to learn and play the game of soccer. Players do not attend tryouts and are assigned to teams to promote balanced skill levels for all teams. All coaches in the PVSC Recreational soccer program are parent volunteers. Our teams are all boys or all girls teams. Check out the age chart below to see wgar age group your player falls into.  



We have two seasons at PVSC; Fall and Spring. Fall Season starts around the end of August to early September and finishing in the beginning of November.  Registration for the Fall Season usually opens at the end of May.  Spring Season starts in the middle of March and runs through the Middle of May.  Registration for the Spring Season opens in early December. All players who play in the Fall Season will automatically be placed on the same team for Spring unless requested otherwise by a parent or if you sign up after the regular registration period ends. 


Our curriculum is constantly evolving to provide the best for our players and connections from our recreational programs through our top competitive teams. We focus on building player’s technical foundations and confidence throughout each season, building upon previous skills learned at practice. Rules of the game are also introduced as the players move up into older age groups. To ensure all players who register are able to be placed on a team, we may combine up to two age groups on to one team.


Practices take place one to two times a week for 60 minutes per session at Davis Park or Nocatee Fields. Each week, our coaches work with our Director of Coaching and Soccer Development to create and learn a series of drills for each week's practice. These drills will be used to teach the players the fundamentals behind each skill. After the drills have concluded, the teams will then break into small-sided games with an emphasis of seeing the new skill in action.

Teams that are U9 and older may have an additional practice exclusively with their coach. This practice session is up to the discretion of their coach. We also offer a Skills Development Bootcamp for the U6-U12 players interested in taking their game to the next level and Player Development Academy for U9-U12 players. Learn More about the Skills Development Bootcamp HERE and Player Development Academy HERE.


All players must arrive on time with their practice jersey, soccer cleats, shin guards, and water. Important: Parents or guardians for each player MUST practice social distancing and remain in the designated areas at the practice fields for the entire practice.

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Teams U10 and younger will have most games take place on Saturday mornings at Davis Park. U12 and older will travel to other fields throughout NE Florida and Southern Georgia for their away games while their home games will be at Davis Park. Games for these teams may be scheduled on different days of the week.


COACHES (volunteer)

Our volunteer coaches are a vital part of the success of the PVSC and its players.  Each team must have a volunteer coach.  We will not field teams without a volunteer coach.  A volunteer coach must pass a background check provided by PVSC which is valid through July of each year. They must also complete a short CDC Concussion course and test.

It is required for each team to have a coach at every practice and game. Teams may have two co-coaches to assure that this requirement is met.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a coach, please email us at and include your child's name and age.


Skills Development Bootcamp

The Skills Development Bootcamp formerly known as the Junior Academy is for ages U6-U12 and is a perfect way to level-up the game of soccer for players who have a passion for the game and crave more soccer during the week. It requires an additional day of practice and there might even be additional games against local clubs with Jr academy programs. If your child is interested in this program, go to the Skills Academy Bootcamp tab to learn more.


All Games Played at Davis Park


U5-U6 | Teams play 3v3, no goalkeeper with a size 3 ball

U7 | Teams play 4v4, no goalkeeper with a size 4 ball

U8 | Teams play 5v5, no goalkeeper with a size 4 ball


local travel against other clubs


U9/U10 | Teams play 7v7, with a goalkeeper with size 4 ball

U11/U12 | Teams play 9v9 with a goalkeeper with size 4 ball

U13 and older | Teams play 11v11 with a goalkeeper with size 5 ball


*PVSC will allow female players to play on the male teams when requested.


If you are interested in learning more about the scholarships for our underprivileged families, click on the request button below


Our goal is to provide a safe environment for the kids while having fun and enjoying this sport. Here are just a few reminders to make sure we have a fantastic season.

  • You must stay with your child or have a designated adult with your child at practice. At times children will need to go to the restrooms or may need assistance and the trainers cannot stop practice to accompany them.

  • Send your child with plenty of water. They should bring it to the field they are practicing on. This allows the coaches to talk with the kids during breaks and allows them to have valuable rest time, instead of finding you to get their water.

  • Please strive to be on time. If you are going to be more than 20 minutes late it might be best to catch the next practice.

  • Your child must wear soccer cleats, shinguards (UNDER their socks), and soccer shorts to games and practices. Please remove all earrings.  No skirts, jean shorts or even basketball shorts. The safety of your child is very important to us, if they are not dressed in the appropriate attire they will not be able to play.

  • If a child is sick please keep them home.  Just like school we want to try to keep everyone healthy.

  • NO PETS are allowed at practice or game fields. We love our furry friends, but we want to keep the fields safe and comfortable for all.

  • Occasionally a child may get a bump from another player or fall down on their own and require your assistance so please make sure someone is there for your child if needed.  Most of the time there is someone there that can handle the little stuff but we want to make sure a child always feels comfortable at practice.

  • Please avoid sending your child into the sawgrass near the building. Here in Florida, we have resident reptiles that like those areas.

  • Encourage your child to have fun. If they are tired it is okay to keep them home.  We want them rested and ready to go at practice.

  • Smile when you get there and leave, it makes your child happy to know that you now love the sport as much as they do and that you support them every practice.

  • If you want to add an email to the email list please notify so your family always gets information.

  • Save all questions for after practice. The directors and trainers need to stay focused to get started in a timely fashion.  Thank you so much for understanding and making this a smooth kick-off.

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