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Where do the registration fees go?

PVSC is a non-profit organization, so there is no "profit margin" built into your registration fees. Your registration fee goes a long way which includes toward County park fees, PVAA fees, administrative staff and supplies, our dedicated training staff for practices, equipment purchases and maintenance of equipment, field maintenance, preparation, and improvements, referees, volunteer background checks and training, player practice jerseys, and player awards.

Can I receive a Refund?

A refund request for any reason must be in writing or email. A $30 administrative fee will be deducted on ALL refunds. Here is our refund schedule.


FALL Season

Full refund (less a $30 admin fee) with the request before July 15th

50% refund with a request by July 31st

NO REFUNDS after July 31st


Full refund (less a $30 admin fee) with the request before February 1st

50% refund with a request by February 19th

NO REFUNDS after February 19th

Can I request a team for my child?

Accept for siblings, we do not guarantee team requests, practice days/times, or playing with friends. All teams are formed by random draw and assigned by the club. 

My Son or daughter has a cast, can they still participate?

Rules state-that no hard orthopedic casts are allowed on the field. An orthopedic soft brace is allowed with written permission from a doctor.


Where do I get my child's uniform?

All players will order their own recreation uniform kit this season.

Currently, you must order through We Got Soccer.


Numbering of uniform: 

All players no matter the age group can choose their favorite number or use the day of the month of their birthday.

Other than their practice jersey and uniform, what other equipment is needed?

All players are required to have and wear shin guards and soccer cleats. Please note, that baseball, softball, and foot cleats are not allowed!

Depending on the age of the player, a different size ball will be used.

U6 and younger a size 3 ball is used

U7-U12 a size 4 ball is used

U13 and older use a size 5 ball

...And don't forget plenty of water for practices and games!

Who is the Jr Academy program for?

This program is only available for those players looking for an opportunity to enhance their play in a more competitive environment. If you are not sure if your son or daughter is ready for the Jr. Academy, please speak to one of the certified coaches during one of the regular practice sessions for evaluation.

What time commitment is there to be part of the Jr Academy?

Practices will take place on Thursday evenings and will be taught by our Director of Coaching and Soccer Development.

When do practices start?

About 2-3 weeks after the first Developmental soccer practice.

How much does the Jr Academy cost?

The cost of the Jr Academy will cost will be $99. The registration fee also includes an exclusive Jr Academy jersey at no additional cost.


What age group participates in the Jr Academy?

U7 to U8

Is there anything else I should know about the JA program?

It is our goal to create equally matched teams in our recreational program. So, we will be placing an equal number of Jr. Academy players on each team.  We may even recommend some players move up one age bracket to enhance their skills even further.

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