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Soccer Tournament

April 28-30, 2023

Weather Information

All weather updates will be posted here, if necessary.


Weather Delay Procedures

There is a weather warning system in place, upon sounding of a long warning sound please return to your vehicle immediately and stay there for further instructions. In case of lightening delays, play will resume after there has not been any lightening for 30 minutes.

Due to inclement weather the tournament director as the final authority may:

  • Shorten games before or during play

  • Reschedule games

  • Cancel games that have no bearing on the scoring or go to penalty kicks

  • Games shall not be played or resumed if outside of 80 minutes from the original scheduled game time

  • If a delay occurs in the second half of a game, the game is considered complete with the score at that time

  • If a delay occurs within the first half of a game the tournament will try to resume play. If play cannot be resumed, the score will be determined by penalty kicks: if there is a score other than 0-0 the game score will be the starting score for the PKs and the number of shooters will be reduced by the highest score. For example: if the game score is 2-1 at the time the delay occurs then both teams take 3 kicks from the 2-1 score to determine the winner.

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